Gibi dos Santos aka Marco dos Santos, is a percussionist born in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil's first capital. From a young age Gibi was exposed to the rich heritage of capoeira and Afro-Brazilian music.
In 1998, his brother Meia Noite, another talented percussionist, introduced him to music legend Sergio Mendes whose band he was playing with. Gibi joined them and relocated to Los Angeles.
Since he has recorded and performed with artists such as Kanye West, Enrique Iglesias, Alex Acunha, Giovanni Hidalgo, Pitbull and Kendrick Lamar. He features on the Oscar-nominated soundtrack of motion picture “RIO” and mobile game “Angry Birds.
Gibi travels worldwide with Sergio Mendes and has contributed to every album of his since 2008 including Grammy album Bom Tempo.
When he is not touring, Gibi is part of a thriving scene in Los Angeles with artists like Thelma de Freitas, Airto Moreira and Rogê.
A glimpse of Gibi's skills:


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