Sparky And The Color Machine By: Wystria Gail Mcauley

Sparky was a fluffy white little dog, as sweet as powdered sugar.

More than his cozy bed and his chewy squeaky toys, Sparky loved colors.

Each morning, Sparky greeted the day with brilliant shades of ORANGE.

"Cluck, cluck" said the orange chicken, pecking at her breakfast. "Good morning, Sparky"

Sparky gave a cheery "ruff" in reply. "The sky is bright and beaming today." But the chicken did not notice the ORANGE sky.

Sparky spent his morning soaking in the golden and cheery YELLOW.

"Chirp, chirp," said the YELLOW birds."Nice to see you, Sparky."

Sparky wagged his tail. "The sunflowers are tall and sparkling today." But the birds did not notice the YELLOW sunflowers.

Sparky spent his afternoon napping in the cool and calming GREEN.

"Whoosh, whoosh," said the GREEN trees, their branches blowing in the wind. "Come enjoy our shade, Sparky."

Sparky nuzzled up by the trees, enjoying the softness of their fallen leaves. "The grass is smooth and lush today." ...but the trees did not notice the GREEN grass.

By nightfall, Sparky was gathering the last gleam and glimmer of BLUE.

Soon, Sparky began to feel sad. He wanted to be colorful as the world around him. Suddenly, a memory danced in her head. "The color machine!" she exclaimed. Sparky rememerbed his owner putting WHITE clothes in the color machine...and they came out PINK.

With a bark, he was off.

On his way of finding the color machine, Sparky saw his friend Chip. "Where are you off to?" asked Chip.

Sparky wiggled with excitment. "I'm off to find the color machine so I can have colors like you. Have you seen it?" Chip shook her head. "No Sparky, can't say that I have."

As Sparky sprinted into town, he sniffed each building, trying to remember the smell of the color machine. "It can't be far," he assured himself. Just then, Mousse waddled up beside him. "What can't be far?"

"The color machine," Said Sparky impatiently. "I want to be beautiful like you are." Mousse shrugged a bit, a little confused. "You are a funny pup, Sparky.

Sparky was beginning to lose hope taht he would ever find the color machine. Just as she turned around

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