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Are you ready to see how beautiful you really are?

As you read through our Welcome Guide, you'll learn what we're all about, what we believe in, and how we'll find your inner goddess. Get prepared for your very own fun and sexy boudoir experience!

We are located in Vernon, BC. We have a small home-based studio, and we also have access to a large private outdoor space for those interested in getting back to nature.

What is Self-love?

Love the skin you’re in! Women are on a journey to accept who they are and the skin that they are in. When you love something, you treasure it and take care of it. So, take time out of each day to take care of yourself. Be kind, and let yourself know that you are enough. You deserve a life filled with love. we are here to help you on the journey; we are here to cheer you on and believe in loving the gorgeous woman you are.


I'm a photographer, a mother, a wife and a friend.

​I have been a photographer for 7 plus years.

I am a mother of two busy, fun and sometimes challenging children. To those other parents out there you know what I'm talking about. All rainbows and sunshine until one of them is not getting their way.

I have been married to my awesome husband since 2010, however we have been together since 2005, I guess you could consider him my biggest kid!!! HAHA

Keyhole Intimates is a Photography Studio that helps individuals empower themselves with a Boudoir experience so they can reconnect with their own beauty, confidence and self-love without feeling selfish or judged for being their own person.

There is courage and beauty in everyone.


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Includes Professional Hair and Makeup, 90 minute in studio session. In Person Reveal ($500) (Session fee does not include products or images. See Colletions)

Do you have a location in mind? Out of Studio Location. A place that has a certain sentimental importance to you? or want to do something outdoors? We do that too. There is an out of studio fee of $100 . This covers transporting any equipment needed as well as travel up to 35km out of Vernon. Have more questions about this, please feel free to contact me, I would love to chat with you about your ideas.

COUPLES SESSION Locations of clients choice (recommend your home) Includes professional hair and Makeup, 90 minute session, up to 3 wardrobe changes and in person reveal. ($700) (Session fee does not include products or images. See Collections)

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