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  • Nucleus- This is where the DNA is kept, and RNA is transcribed
  • Nuclear Envelope- The two layered membrane that separates the nucleus from other organelles
  • Nuclear Pores- Where RNA is moved out of the nucleus
  • Nucleolus- Where ribosomes form
  • Ribosome- Where RNA translated into protein through protein synthesis
  • Endoplasmic Reticulum(ER)- Transport system for molecules that are needed for changes and specific destinations. There are two types of ER smooth and rough
  • Lysosome- It is the digestive system for the cell. It breaks down molecules
  • Golgi Apparatus- It sends protein and lipids from one cell to the next
  • Centriole- There are two centrioles per cell that helps divide when the cell when the time comes
  • Cell Wall- Helps keep the structure of the cell, and protects the internal parts of the cell
  • Cell Membrane- It is a semi-preamble barrier.
  • Cytoplasm- The material between the cell membrane and the nuclear envelope. It helps maintain the shape of the cell, and it helps move internal structures
  • Vacuoles- Single membrane organelles that are mainly used for storage
  • Mitochondria- They are the main source of energy for the cell. Sometimes called the powerhouse of the cell


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