Your Ceremony Music Hints and Ideas

As a music lover myself, I think it is super important we get it right!

Using musicians for your ceremony

Well first of all well done, I think you have chosen well. When I arrive at your ceremony, I will go and talk to the musicians to make sure they know when to start playing and how the ceremony will run. That's it!

If you’re using my PA system

As long as you pick the right person to play your music, it will be great. The person in charge of playing the music needs to not be in your wedding party. They should not be your parents or essential people such as your siblings or immediate family sitting in the first few rows. An appropriate person is someone that knows how to work a tablet, phone or iPod. Do not get a person that only uses an iPhone to use an Android phone for example (like me, I only know iPhones!). Pick someone that maybe has a partner in the wedding party that might be at a loose end. They will be near my PA which cannot be too close to us because of feedback or too far away because of signal loss, my PA cannot be too close to me. I also have the cords you need to connect your tablet, phone or iPod to my PA. I can use anything with a headphone jack with my Mipro PA.

How to set up your music

Separate playlists are the best way to go; they should be titled something like this;

Guest arriving music (about 10 songs)

Walking down the aisle (song needs to be in the playlist twice just in case)

Signing the marriage certificate (about 3 songs)

Walking back up the aisle (about 3 songs)

Saving your playlist on Spotify offline has worked best

Important for your song quality

Please bring the device to the rehearsal so we can test the songs to make sure the song quality is excellent. When downloading your music, please use the best quality and not, for example, a YouTube version. I will bring the cord needed to connect your device to my PA for the rehearsal and ceremony.


If you have them, please ask me. Remember it’s your wedding day, and you need to know all the details, and there is no such thing as a silly question. I should know because I ask lots of questions, all the time.

If you have the budget and want live music below are some of the awesome musicians I work with most weekends. Their photos are links to their website or their socials.

If you are looking for live music options then here are the links to the photos shown

Banner Photo Amicus Music

Top left All About her Alice Haddy Deviation Acoustic Daniel Cameron Yatri Music Sofie Bozzetti Paul Smith Devina Harpist Water Park Music Bottom right

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