A Sheep In Wolves clothing By Daniel Miller

Tuesday, 2 February

Today was my first day at my new school. I must confess that I was scared as hell.

I hope I get a new beginning, at my old school I was bullied being a nerd.

I was called the sheep due to my timed nature, but this school I will try not to show any of my inner self.

So, I don't know why I got to school ten minutes early, but I did. As mum pulled up to the curve, I donned my favourite leather jacket and sunglasses, reached back to grab my bag and froze. There she was, an angelic vision with glossy blond hair, glacial blue eyes and a perfect tan. The bell went and just like that, she was gone.

I had science first period. Cell division. Boring! Next was IT. JavaScript! Yay!

A fun topic for once. The other fun subject was sport.

Wednesday, 3 February

I had history first period today and guess what…. she was in my class! We’re next to each other and to top it all off I got her name, “Anna”.

It was a little awkward, but I did it. Yes!

Friday, 5 February

My school basketball team won last night, and guess who is on the cheer squad: Yep… Anna; not only that, she is on the school swim team and the athletics team.

Also, in English, we’re reading a book call “A sheep in wolf’s clothing”, which is eerily close to my life story.

Friday, March 4

Over the past few weeks me and Anna have got to know each other very well, I think there might even be a mutual bond forming between us.

I just hope I don’t fall in to the bottomless pit that is “The Friend Zone.”

Monday, March 7

I have some bad news. Anna’s parents are fighting and there taking it out on her. So I asked if she would like to crash at my place for a while until stuff at her house cools down, she said that she wouldn't mind that arrangement.


Anna has just finished setting up in the guest room. Mum and dad weren’t sure about letting her stay over, so I told them the circumstances and then they were fine.

Over dinner mum and Anna talked about current affairs and the fashion industry which left me nonplussed. I didn’t understand how they could go from talking about the price of apple shares one moment to talking about leading perfume brands the next.


I woke with a start.

Something had changed.

I listened for a minute; then I had it, someone was crying in the room next to me.

I crept out in to the hallway and eased open the door to the guest room and saw Anna sitting on the edge of the bed sobbing uncontrollably.

I asked her what was wrong.

She said that she had just found out that her parents were being hunted by a south American gang and said that they had booked a flight to Canada for her to go and stay with her grandma in Toronto and that she would fly out in 4 days.

Friday, March 11

Today I took the day off school to help Anna pack for her trip to Canada.

She was upset about leaving but she knew she had to.


We arrived at the airport with an hour to spare before check in started.

We talked about when and where we would meet, she suggested that we meet at the CN Tower for Christmas and I agreed that that would be a good idea.

We said our goodbyes, embraced and then she started making her way to the terminal.

Just then I remembered something.

I called to her and then started after her.

She stopped and turned to me.

I gave her the small paper wrapped parcel.

She unwrapped it and smiled at the necklace inside.

We hugged then to my surprise she kissed me and we made out for what felt like a minute.

Then we parted and she waved good bye as she walked to the terminal.

Friday, March 18

My heart yearns for Anna, Its been a week since we shared that passionate kiss at the airport and it feels like a void has opened in my heart that only Anna can fill.

I never admitted this; I love her; I regret not telling her how I feel.

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