#MeowMondays Gus's Adoption Success Story

Gus, formerly Hemi, at HSTT

Hemi was found in the engine of a car, filthy and terrified. He had clearly been perched on the engine block when the car was started, because his little paws were burned. A little tender loving care with an HSTT foster helped him bounce quickly back to being a crazy curious kitten.

Gus meeting Floppy in HSTT's cat rooms

Dwight and Sherry had lost three rescue kitties to old age last year, leaving one lonely cat, Noel, and her very heartbroken parents. Their daughter, volunteer Michelle Townsend, recognized Gus's energy as the perfect match to fill the void in her parents' household. It was love at first snuggle, and Gus made the long trek to Southern California to start his life anew.

Gus and his big sister Noel

No need for alarm clocks in their house: Gus rises with the sun and greets everyone with a chorus of loud meows. Play time starts five minutes after the morning meal and ends around 10:00 pm in the evening (punctuated of course by some seriously long naps). He considers every soft spot in the house his personal bed and will happily snuggle up with his adopted humans.

Gus's personality brought an even more festive spirit to the holidays. Climbing to top of the Christmas tree and removing the angel was perhaps the crowning antic. Dwight and Sherry look forward to many more years of snuggles and shenanigans with their little boy Gus.

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