Rhinos #SAVETHERHINOS By Hayden Mainnie

A rhino is one of the largest land animals. Some rhinoceroses can weigh as much as 3 1/2 tons. This is heavier than most cars and trucks.
A rhinoceros has a large body, short legs, and thick skin. Most rhinoceros have hardly any hair. A rhino has one or two slightly curved horns on its nose. The horns keep growing throughout the animal's life. The name rhinoceros comes from Greek words that mean nose-horned.
There are several kinds of rhinoceros. Three kinds live in Asia. These are the Indian, Javan, and Sumatran rhinoceroses. There are two kinds, the black and the white rhinoceroses, they live in Africa. The white rhinoceros is the largest kind of rhinoceros. Some may be 1.8 meters tall and 4.6 meters long. All rhinoceroses eat grass, leafy twigs, and bushes.
A Rhino’s horn’s structure is like a horse’s hooves. The outside is soft keratin, not like hair and fingernails, while at its centre there is melanin and calcium. If the horn breaks off, the rhino can grow a new one.
Rhinos are endangered and are getting killed because The are being poached by the people of china.
Rhinos are being poached in South Africa. “Poaching” is when people known as poachers, illegally kill a wild animal. This year so far 341 rhinos have been poached in South Africa. That’s the most poaching that has happened in a year since 2012 in Africa.
Whenever someone stops poaching it saves a rhinos life so please stop poaching!!!!
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