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The City of Ember Compass Map

I enjoyed this assignment because I found it fun to follow the instructions that were pulled out of the book. I really liked finding all the landmarks, and tracing Lina's path. I felt like this activity gave me a sense of how small the City of Ember really was. I think it would be fun to continue map making activities like this in school.

Script Writing

In this piece of Script Writing, I learned how to change a comic into a script. I rewrote the comic into a more readable version that someone could easily use to perform on stage. I had a lot of fun doing this assignment and coming up with a unique title for the script. I think that this writing technique would be very useful to know if I wrote plays or scripts in the future.

Pencil Drawing Techniques

I liked this art assignment because it taught me different techniques that I could apply in other art assignments. I enjoyed making squiggly lines, shading, and creating a 3D cube. I found these techniques very helpful in my other art assignments. I would like to learn more art techniques such as these to improve my artistic skills.

2-Point Perspective

In this art assignment, I transformed my nickname onto paper as 3D lettering. My nickname is beside a street where two people are strolling along. I learned that to achieve this technique, I must draw lines to figure out how big my letters should be, and then erase them. I was very pleased with the final outcome of this project, and I would like to continue making more 3D creations.

Winter Tree in Pastel

In this art project, I used oil pastels to draw a black tree, a blue background, and a pile of snow. Then, by mixing white acrylic paint with water, and gently tapping my brush while holding it above my art, I created large and tiny snowflakes that sprinkled over my landscape. I would like to continue using two different mediums in art projects because I find that the result is fascinating.

Op Art Shading Blobs

This piece of artwork is meant to play tricks on someone's eyes. I learned that it is quite easy to make an optical illusion such as this one. I loved using a sharpie to go and make semi-circles over and over again to create this illusion. I also had lots of fun using watercolour to bring this drawing to life. I would really enjoy creating more optical illusions in Art class.

3D Printing

In this project, I had the opportunity to 3D print my own creation. I chose to print my name because it is something that is special to me. I learned fascinating technological skills through this opportunity. I was so surprised how easy it was to create something on an iPad and have it become a 3D object. I would really like to continue using a 3D printer in the classroom.

Mountains Made of Lines

I enjoyed this art assignment because this technique was very different to me from other techniques. From this technique, I learned that my mountains and sky looked best when the lines were closer together. I would like to continue using this technique in art, but if I could suggest something it would be to draw more challenging landscapes with the same technique.


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