Amendment 1 Cheyenne Mcmichael

Amendment one is a Amendment declaring that us the people have the right to speech or Press. This Amendment allows us to have a say on what we believe is right. To elaborate Amendment 1 gives us the power to create a non-harmful press and to go to the Government for any concerns or problems in our state

Real life example: I can relate to this Amendment because when I was in elementary I had a teacher that would be on her phone majority of the time therefore I wasn't getting taught the instructed what and because of this Amendment my mom was allowed to talk to the head of the school stating her concerns and the problem was easily token care of.

This Amendment is important because it creates a freedom for the citizens it can give the people the right to stick up for the right thing if our Government decides to create any unfair laws. To add on Amendment one makes United States a free state.

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