Museum of Natural History Caeleb Dressel

Nature on Display

The most enjoyable exhibit for me was by far the butterfly rainforest. The garden was very relaxing and had a tranquil atmosphere with the tress, flowers, and waterfalls.I really like nature and the outdoors so this exhibit really allowed me to be up close and personal with nature though the butterflies. I learned how calm and carefree these creatures were just floating through life.

Nature and Ethics

Where I saw a biotic community rather than a conquerer of land was in the Native American exhibit. These people would work with the land and respect it. I developed a deep respect for these people as they seemed to be one with nature and not stick out as an unnatural element of the land. They did their part to be a part of nature and respect it. I did feel connected with these Native Americans as I saw how peaceful humans can be within nature and I think today we take nature for granted and mistreat it.

Nature and Human Spirit

I think the two exhibits that really put into perspective at how big, vast, and mysterious nature is and was, would be the mammoth and megaladon statues. These creatures could easily overpower us and kill us, and it shows how little power we actually have in nature. This also proves to me there is so much more out there we have yet to discover in nature and we have just scratched the surface of species. There is a much bigger world out there aside from ourselves.

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