LA Immersion 2016

Experience the city from Venice to Hollywood through sensory, movement and creativity.

At just under 236 years old, LA has a global reputation as the “entertainment capital of the world.” 45.5 million visitors come here every year. 4 million people inhabit her 472 square miles. If it were a country, LA would be the 20th largest economy in the world. But numbers rarely tell the whole story. Today we’re going to let the city speak for herself. Listen closely-- you just might learn something that the numbers can’t say.

We will begin our journey as we gaze upon the Glory of Gods creation with the epic landscape of the beach in Venhice, California. Our adventure will continue as we visit the scenic neighborhood of Abbott Kinney. Listen to the conversations and experience the lifestyle of this region first hand.

The Beach

Venice, California


Westside - Beverly Hills
Downtown Los Angeles

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Hollywood, California

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You Belong Here.

Here & Now

Created By
Joshua Santana

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