Show & Share Video Assignment SMDCVI Co-operative Education

You will create a video that shows you performing a skill or task that you have learned at your co-op placement.

Think about some of the things you have done at your placement this semester and choose something that is of interest to you, and that you think would be interesting to share with others.


Step 1 - Secure footage and photos

  1. Choose a skill/task
  2. Speak to your employer about getting video/photos
  3. Deal with gaining any permission necessary (parents, clients etc)
  4. Plan for your video - know what you want to get footage of and have all tools and supplies ready.
  5. Choose a date to film/photograph. Have a co-worker, supervisor or teacher help while you record footage and/or take pictures for your assignment. Make sure to talk to them ahead of time to work this into their schedule.


Create polished video

Use Adobe Spark Video to edit your footage and put together video and photos to demonstrate your skill.

You can insert pictures, video, and text to your assignment, and then add a voiceover to each slide

Once you have your footage, create a script so that you know what you’re going to say for each slide. Being prepared will make a big difference in the final quality of your assignment. Be sure to introduce yourself and your placement at the beginning to give the viewer a point of reference. Include information about why you are doing things. Remember that your viewer may have no background knowledge, so you need to walk us through every step.


Once your assignment is complete, you have two options to submit:

OPTION 1: download it to your Camera Roll, add it to Google Drive and then submit on Google Classroom.

OPTION 2: Publish and submit link on Google Classroom.

Sample Show & Share Videos


Knowledge​ & Understanding:

  • Demonstrates knowledge of the skill or process and its use
  • Workplace terminology
  • Safety requirements


  • Clear introduction and conclusion
  • Evidence of planning
  • Logical flow of information


  • Confidence and clarity
  • Audible and expressive voiceover


Created with images by FirmBee - "smartphone photo phone mobile camera portrait lifestyle" • jackmac34 - "hairdresser scissors hair cut" • Skitterphoto - "cow curious look" • Sid74 - "electrician wiring installation" • jarmoluk - "electrician electric electricity worker building professional employee" • 777546 - "accounting report credit card payment charge calculator" • evondue - "checklist choice priorities survey questionnaire tick check"