Animal Experimenting Why You Should Choose a Different Brand

Many companies, including Victoria Secret, Revlon, and MAC, still test their make-up products, perfumes, and nail polishes on animals.

While in the lab, these animals have to live uncomfortable and painful lives.

Animals have to wait in small cages, and there can sometimes be multiple animals in one cage. Which causes them to not be able to move around and be crowded.

Some people think animal testing is not that serious. That putting some blush and eye shadow on an animal is all that happens...

But it is a lot more than that. Animals are poisoned, burned, starved, blinded, and many more other terrible things.

Changing the brands that you use can help save these animal's lives. Some of those brands that do not test on animals include Bath & Body Works, Urban Decay, Too Faced Cosmetics, and more.


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