1980's Patrick brooks


  1. Aids- This disease caused a slow and painful death. Many Americans were terrified of it and since it was consider a "gay disease" the gay community was outcasted. Then, a straight very popular man named Earvin "Magic" Johnson, publicly announced that he was positive. He destroyed a huge stereotype and moved aids research forward astronomical.
  2. Abortion- At the being of the 80's the rulings on abortion were very loose. In 1981 you could've and abortion without parental consent. Then in 1983 it was ruled that the doctors had to tell the women about what they were doing and give them a mandatory 24-hour waiting period. Lastly in 1989 Webster vs. Reproductive Health Services declared that life begins at conception and the use of public facilities unconstitutional.
  3. War on drugs- The Reagan presidency started what we conceder the modern war on drugs. Reagan had to crack down do the increase of cocaine coming from South America. Nance Reagan started the "Just Say No" campaign


Reagan's plan to start the US economy back up was called Reaganomics was what the US needed. The plan was to cut taxes on the top 10% and in turn the hope was that they would use that money to invest in businesses boosting jobs for the middle and lower classes


Iran- Contra- The only true scandal of President Reagan's presidency. The US government secretly sold weapons to Iran and used the money to support anti-communism Contras in Nicaragua. People found out but he was liked so much that peopled never called for impeachment

Star Wars- Since Reagan increased military spending in his tenure as president he thought it would be a good idea to have system that would protect the US from nuclear missiles. The plan was to have satellites that could shoot a laser and destroy a missile before it got anywhere close to US soil. Pretty gnarly plan right? I mean we could laser missiles out of the sky and save millions of lives, lets do it! The one little problem was the US was no where near where it needed to be to produce those kinds of weapons.

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