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An Aerial Production Support company with extensive background in event planning, management and production. Up, Beyond Media employees a team of FAA Licensed Remote Pilots with backgrounds in event production.


Event production support for event organizers - focusing on global event oversight. From scouting and planning, through the build, execution and breakdown, Up Beyond Media gives organizers the benefit of a virtual "birds eye" view.


Risk Management

  • Documenting Pre-existing venue conditions to reduce venue remediation cost
  • Strategic event overwatch/surveillance of high risk areas
  • Obstacle fatigue, high traffic soil erosion, allocation of staff, entrance and egresses, waste management
  • "Course Sweeps" using thermal imaging cameras quickly identify lost or injured participants

Resource and Asset Management

  • Event managers can easily monitor and reallocate event staff, vendors and volunteers using “eyes on” decision making.
  • Monitor Event Entry and Egress Areas for excessive or deficient staffing
  • Monitor and manage event areas e.g. remote hydration and medical aid stations
  • Quickly Identify obstacle back-ups or course bottlenecks and rerouting.
  • Check parking and traffic flow for problems and quickly Identify alternative routes and or assets to manage the situation

Loss Prevention

  • Aerial surveillance patrol during event set up, event operation and post event breakdown. Use of thermal imaging to detect heat signatures during evening hours.
  • Easily patrol and monitor vulnerable remote assets and storage areas

Event Safety

  • Pre Event, Event, Post Event Obstacle Safety Inspections and documentation reducing risk and lowering insurance costs
  • Increase emergency medical response time by getting eyes and ears on medical situations allowing for the dispatching of proper personnel.
  • Rapid deployment of drone to any incident calls providing management with eyes on decision making capabilities e.g. resources, staff and routes to take.
  • Live feed streaming for senior event medical staff to aid first responders in making proper triage decisions.
  • Continuously monitor safety routes for hazards and identify alternative time saving routes in the case of emergencies.

Event Planning

  • 3D Scanning of key venue venue areas allowing production teams to design their event with amazing precision.
  • Design and plan the most efficient emergency response routes.
  • Highly detailed imagery including elevation and topography for unparalleled course design and event planning.
  • 3D Modeling of Obstacles and/or Event Features in photorealistic Google Earth environment that could be used for event design, sponsor activations, marketing materials such as fly thoughs, virtual reality even multi agency compliance presentations when conveying intent and use for permitting.

Marketing Content

Marketing and Sponsor Content
  • Provide live HD aerial streaming direct to the web or social media or work closely with existing media team by providing simple workflows and immediate access to event content for editing and branding.
  • Creatively activate sponsors by featuring their product regardless of proximity to the festival area. Feature your sponsors and participants in ways that were not possible just a few years ago
  • Dramatic Start / Finish Line Aerial Photography / Videos
  • Sponsorship Activation Aerial Photo / Videos


Participation in outdoor events have increased exponentially and so has the task of managing these events. Use of UAVs (drones) is being rapidly adopted, you can see it every in every industry from Construction, to Surveying, in Agriculture and Inspections, and now we’re bringing the advantage of our aerial services to Event Production. Typically, in Event Production, drones have been used minimally for content creation and nothing more.

  • Endless advantages of an aerial "birds eye" view
  • Streamline event design, planning and execution
  • Strengthen Risk Management, Resource Management, Loss Prevention and Event Safety.
  • Lower Insurance costs
  • Easily integrated with existing event SOPs of all type


  • Obstacle Racing
  • Extreme mountain sports
  • Ultra Marathons
  • Marathons
  • Festivals/Concerts
  • 5K/10K/15K
  • Water Sports


Range of Professional Aerial Platforms that are capable of everything from basic aerial video and photography to heat signature tracking via thermal technology, we have the ability to take your event up, beyond.


- Up, Beyond Media (UBM) manages a team of certified FAA pilots nationwide


"We think drones are entering a new era," Noah Poponok, an aerospace and defense specialist with Goldman Sachs Research, suggested in a May video on the firm's website. "There's the common thread of them increasing efficiency, increasing safety and doing so at lower costs and, cumulatively over the next five years, we see this as a $100 billion market." Originally Posted on Gov Tech (Nov 21, 2016)

As-designed vs. as-built

Drone imagery and data integration with CAD and BIM software is providing AEC professionals with specific tools for gauging project compliance and identifying where real-world construction is veering off course. The ability to pinpoint deviation from a plan is expected to positively impact budget and project delivery by reducing costly change-orders before construction errors occur. Originally Posted on Construction Dive (Nov 16, 2016)

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