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Hi, my name is Antonia. I am a young, creative and dynamic multimedia and communication student from Germany. We are trained to be the best all-rounder in this huge multimedia sphere.

So I know how to realize video ideas from the beginnging till the presentation. Pre-organization, concept creation, equipment selection, set design, filming, directing, sound recording, editing, colour grading, motion design.

I prefer to work as an editor and in the post production, where we can put all the lovely footage together to a great result. I am eager to learn much more about the post production by working in this department.

So welcome to my little presentation of achievements from my multimedia and communication studies.

Credits: ©Veronika Runt
Credits: ©Vanessa Auktor
Credits: ©Silvia Halid

As you can see I absolutely love to dance and move. I will always try incorporate this dynamic into my video content.

For a video podcast project I produced a little spot of myself better of my danceworkout, which I created at the university sport.

One of my main focuses at university is 3D Graphics and motion design.

So I created an intro trailer from David Fincher's movie "SEVEN" using Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects and won a price at the "university's shortfilmnight".

Another main focus is journalism (I never wanted to be a journalist, but in those courses we produce a lot of videos, so I get the practice). It's not too journalistic and we always try to bring freshness and easiness into the videos.

Here is a selection of them.

For more you can find me on my social media pages:

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