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Prototyping and Modeling - Creating on Tinkercad was fun, but will need to explore it more to learn all of the features. I could see this being used in classrooms to create manipulatives, models in science and social studies. I see students enjoying this.]

Coding - I can see this being used in all classes as a review. Students need to understand this skill because it involves sequencing steps, critical thinking skills, and math. All of these skills can be applied to any aspects in the real world.

Design Thinking - GG - Wants to go further, catches on quick, understands basic 3-d printing and coding, but needs more practice for more advance on each. Give them the task to create their own "story" on a given topic or a chosen topic. Have them create more intricate designs.

Design Thinking - OLs - Kind of get the concept but needs more support and time to work with. Gradually give more freedom, have a guide for them to use as needed.

Design Thinking - Ss - Have trouble grasping the concept and program, unsure of themselves - needs lots of support and confidence boosting. Give them a step-by-step guide for 3-d printing and coding, break down the steps and guide them with a gradual release, pair them up with a classmate

Assessment - For the sphero at each pause point students could either answer the question at each point about a body system or whatever topic you are covering, they could take a screenshot of the code they made, take pictures of each step when creating a 3d model, and/or follow a rubric for the particular task you have them doing.

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