You’re going to see from the stories in this Annual Report that 2017 was a great year at Buckner in terms of quality of service, the number of those we served, and the meaningful change in the lives of so many. We brought hope to thousands of lives.

We owe much of that success to the blessings of our Lord, whose love and compassion has guided this ministry since its founding in 1879. But in reflecting on how Buckner is able to do what we do, I want to be transparent: We couldn’t do this type of ministry on this scale without you.

If you’re reading this, you probably have a “Buckner story.” You may have begun your Buckner story through one of our mission trips, forming meaningful connections with children and families you served here in the United States or in another country. Your Buckner story may have started when you felt compelled by faith to bring hope to people who often don’t experience it and you volunteered to share that hope first-hand.

You may have a Buckner story to tell because someone shared their Buckner story and you saw you could fill a need in others’ lives through your prayers, your talents or your resources to help make this movement grow.

And I know more than a few of you whose Buckner story started when you received help or hope through Buckner. In fact, Buckner may have changed your story forever.

As we continue to create the Buckner story together, I want to encourage you to keep adding to your Buckner story, creating new ways to tell it by volunteering, going, sharing and giving. Share it with your friends, use new ways to tell it through social media and encourage them to tell their own Buckner story.

Thank you for adding your Buckner story to the larger one. It’s a rich tale that’s been told over three different centuries, yet it’s still as fresh each day as when it began. I pray you always seek new, fresh ways to tell it.

A legacy of hope

Founded by the vision of one man, Robert Cooke Buckner, the vision of this ministry has always been to provide a place of hope for orphaned children, a home where they were fed, clothed, cared for and, most importantly, loved.

Buckner shared his story with others, people like you, and soon they began to create their own Buckner story through their support. In 1879, he collected his first funds, $27, when he passed a hat among a group visiting under the shade of an oak tree. The first dollar given was his very own.

Blessed with growth

By the end of that year, a few weeks before Christmas, three orphan children were brought to their new home in a horse-drawn wagon personally driven by “Father” Buckner, a nickname given him by the children. The ministry continued to grow as more people saw his vision and heard his story, eventually becoming what it is today – 139 years later – an international ministry bringing hope to tens of thousands of lives each year.

Serving the vulnerable

But even from those earliest days, the story of Buckner went far beyond how the organization helped people in need. It was and continues to be the story of how a community of love and support – you – responded and rallied around those most in need.

Serving together

Throughout our 139-year story, one theme has rung true: Buckner has never done our work alone. From the very beginning, churches and families who wanted to shine hope on children and families partnered with and supported our cause.

Today is no different. One of our brightest personality traits is that we affiliate with people compelled by their faith to shine hope: People who can see the needs and are compelled to respond to them.

Our story is your story.

Who we are.

Buckner International is a faith-based ministry dedicated to transforming the lives of orphans, vulnerable children, families and elders. Founded in 1879 in Dallas, Texas, Buckner serves people through a variety of programs designed to protect children, strengthen families and serve senior adults.

We are unique.

Our ministry stands alone in its diverse mix of faith, services and delivery.

What makes us unique.

  • We bring hope to some of the most vulnerable children and families in the world.
  • We minister through programs that meet deep needs and lead to self-sufficiency.
  • We shine the light of Christ, often in the darkest places and in the darkest moments.
  • We use programs that educate, support, care and empower.
  • We join with volunteers, organizations and businesses to respond to people in need.
  • We’re driven by compassion and a call to see justice.
  • We want everyone to know Christ and his message of good news.

What we do best.

To maximize our resources and effectiveness, we focus on four key ministries:

Foster Care and Adoption

We provide families for vulnerable children in need of safety and love.

Family Pathways

We help families stay together by providing single parents seeking higher education with affordable housing and support.

Family Hope Centers

We offer a range of services from counseling to computer classes in communities where vulnerable children and families live.

Senior Living

We enrich the lives of the aging population with a continuum of services including independent living, assisted living, nursing, dementia care and hospice.

Our core values.

  • We are Christ-like.
  • We have a servant spirit.
  • We are passion-driven.

Our ideals.

  • Our Mission: Buckner International transforms the lives of vulnerable children, enriches the lives of senior adults and builds strong families through Christ-centered values.
  • Our Vision: Buckner International will become a global ministry maximizing resources and leadership to serve vulnerable children, seniors and families.
  • Our Values: Buckner follows Christ-centered values ministered with professional excellence.

Marissa Breland had a dream for a better life for herself and daughter Addisyn: “I always dreamed of going to school and getting my [driver’s] license. But I didn’t see it happening any time soon. I’d been trying to do that for years, and it had been taking forever.” But through Buckner Family Pathways, she found hope and help.

Bernard Perez was adopted by his foster parents, Jennifer and Mace, who continue to foster other children. Jennifer says Bernard has embraced being a part of a loving family. “We feel that this is a whole-family ministry and he is a part of that now. We’ve opened our home twice since Bernard was adopted and both times he’s been a part of that decision. He’s seeing that this is what people who love Jesus do. We do radical things for Jesus and show love for others from hard places. It’s been a beautiful thing.”

John Ramsey lives with his wife Ann at Buckner Westminster Place in Longview, Texas. He’s devoted his entire life to serving the Lord as a pastor and international missionary. When he learned that Cuong Manh Tran, a local pastor of a Vietnamese Baptist congregation needed a kidney transplant, he prayed for a donor. That prayer ended in the question: “Why not me?”

Amanda Martinez, 14, lives in a world where the shocking is often considered normal. She and her family live in Dallas’ Bachman Lake area, where drugs, violence, prostitution and poverty are the norm. The area, just three square miles, is home to 82,000 people and has a CPS child removal rate twice that for Dallas County. When Amanda and her parents, including her mother Marta, right, looked for help, they looked to their local Buckner Family Hope Center

Amanda's mother, Marta, has a story of triumph of her own. When times were difficult for her family, she discovered skills, strength and joy she didn't know she had.

Statement of Financial Position

December 31, 2017

Statement of Activities

December 31, 2017

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