Delivery Robots Some people would like the idea of delivery robots because they can get there packages faster.


Starship Technology: A company that built a robot that delivers mail.

Package pilfers: Theft that steels packages

Foiling: To Prevent

Willingness: Being prepared to do something

Roomba: Name of a robotic vacuum produced by irobot

Door-dash: is an on-demand restaurant delivery service.

What are the purposes of delivery robots?
Delivery robots are small 6-wheeled robots that will deliver your packages in less time than the delivery trucks. The robots will be delivering food,medicine and packages in nearby cities “The robots, which are small, six-wheeled pods, travel slowly on sidewalks. They're designed to avoid obstacles, including pedestrians, animals and cars,” stated Matt McFarland from CNN. Delivery robots are small and are smart to avoid any objects in their paths. It will also tell you where your package is and what time it will be at your home. “Instead of a person arriving at their door, customers could find themselves receiving a notification on their phone that says a robot is on its way and a code to unlock the automated courier. "Put the code in, the robot opens up, and there's your food," said David Buttress, chief executive of Just Eat. Delivery robots will help us get our packages faster without relying on a delivery truck that takes days to arrive at our homes. However, some may want to know if the delivery robots will keep their packages safe form PACKAGE PILFERS.
Will packages be safer if there are delivery robots?
The robots delivering packages will notify you once the package is ready and you can set a time when you want it delivered and can track where the robot is so no theft steals the package. The robots will also have the package safe and secure inside the robot and you can also track where the robot is. “ Foiling package pilferers is one. Using an app, "you can tell the little robot to come deliver your package now. You can ensure it's not just sitting around on your porch for thieves to take." Says Mary Cheh a Councilwoman in Washington D.C. At the same time of having the robot come at the same time when your home you can use your phone to unlock. Often some people packages get stolen, having to unlock the robot with your phone will make the future in delivering packages more safe. Ahti Heinla, CEO of starship stated, “ Each robot has speakers and video recording, If someone interferes with the robot someone from headquarter will say “The police are on there way and you're being filmed as well.” Having these robots around will improve the process of delivering packages helpful and safe, yet there are still questions on how the robots will run.
How will the robots operate?
The robots run on high tech cameras and have GPS navigation, though humans can WILLINGNESS control the robots by remote if they want as well or if something goes wrong. Starship technology uses the cameras to navigate through the streets, states David Catania, a spokesman from the company. As delivery robots navigate through the streets, the cameras can help detect the location of the robot as well. Using remotes,“humans [rely on] a lower resolution feed...and the images are blurred...and the robots can't identify the MAC numbers of nearby cell phones,” says the Starship Technologies CEO Ahti Heinla. Having robots with cameras will help the robots navigates through the cities as well operating the robot on the other side. Yet many are worried how humans will react the robots.
How will people interact with the robots?
People that see the robots around town think they are a unique twist in delivering packages while most people don’t even notice. Allen Martinson did a study on how people will react to the robots by video recording them; no one noticed them. "We took a video in London showing that 3,000 people passed by our robots without even noticing them," says Allan Martinson, chief operating officer of Starship Technologies.They may notice them but couldn’t care less. While some people don’t recognize them on a daily basis, others do. Most people don’t see a robot in the public on a daily basis, but once they notice them, they will think it is pretty cool seeing them. . Mindy Fetterman stated that “Resident Timothy Sanders stopped his bike to watch it weave in and out of human traffic, avoiding pedestrians and bikers. "It's amazing, it's very futuristic," he said. Reginald Isaac stopped to watch it too. "Technology be real fly," he said, laughing.” When people notice the robots they think it’s cool, while most people don’t even care to notice. This will change our system how we get packages to make the future better for us.
How will robots help us in the future?
Delivery robots will be efficient and cost less energy than delivery trucks, having delivery robots will change our ways of life in the future. Companies see these robots as high tech and inexpensive for them to use. “The robots are the first of what the companies foresee as a wave of inexpensive, high-tech, electricity-driven alternatives to gasoline car-driven shopping trips and delivery trucks that contribute to traffic gridlock and pollution. Urban futurists see the little robots as an integral part of a digitally based “smart city” landscape — Stated Mindy Fetterman for the Washington post. Delivery robots will cause no pollution unlike delivery trucks do, and they will be a better option to make our future better. The time it takes to get a package now days a week to come to your house, but for delivery robots people will get all there stuff lot faster that they buy online, and my improve our economy. John Phillips from NBC news said that Kit Yarrow stated “These time-saving systems, and the race to create even faster ones, are part of an emerging instant gratification economy designed to accommodate what consumer psychologist Kit Yarrow calls the ("I want what I want when I want it" customer, or IWWIWWIWI.) Having our desires delivered in minutes is a convenient game changer for those who have trouble making shopping trips, but the instant gratification economy faces serious challenges — and possible unintended psychological effects.” Delivery robots will help our future by saving gas and getting our package way lot faster than a delivery truck. By saving gas from delivery trucks will consume gas so it lasts longer in the future.

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