Mountain View News Term 2 week 2

Principal's Message

It has only been 4 weeks since the end of Term 1 and yet it seems a lifetime away. With the pandemic changing the way we interact with each other and view our environment it is easy to be disheartened. Yet, I find that there is hope even amidst the crisis and worry and restrictions. There is hope in the leaves of the trees, the sun shining in the sky and in the support of our families and friends.

It is hope that has kept us reaching out for new ways to deliver learning to students. It is hope that has kept us strong as a nation. It is hope that anchors us in God in times of difficulty.

I encourage you to read on and hear the reflections of some of our students and staff, to see the pictures of hope of our students learning in unprecedented times.

Thank you, parents and families, for your commitment as you have taken on the role of co-teaching. On Monday we look forward to welcome students back to school and pray that you and your families will be blessed and keep safe. To all the mums, I wish you a happy mothers’ day. It will be a special one as we are able to visit family again.

Mrs Julia Heise


Year 11 and 12 Careers Expo goes virtual

The HSC and Careers Expo 2020 and the Western Sydney Careers Expo 2020 have gone online! Many of the presenters have produced videos of the seminars they would have presented to assist students as they consider options for study after school. The NESA subject videos will be uploaded next week and the website is being updated daily. The videos will be available until Monday 5 June 2020.

Click the link below to access the Online Video Seminar Program page on the HSC and Careers Expo website.

2. Click this button on the website:

3. Type in the username: seminaraccess

4. Type in the password: Euug853ux (case sensitive i.e. capital E)

Around the School

Chaplain's Address

We are so excited that term 2 has begun and cannot wait to see students slowly filling the hallways, playgrounds and classrooms again.

During these times of upturned normal, it is a sombre reminder of always being thankful for each day and to recognise God’s blessings and movement throughout. It is as David writes in Psalm 139, “Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence?”. Our God is, was and always will be present amongst it all.

It is in each day that God calls us into His presence to reveal to us how He works. Following on from last term of “Called … by Him”, this term we focus on the idea that we are “Called … for Him” and what being called into His presence inspires us to do, emphasizing the importance of service.

Chapels will be continuing as an online resource, challenging our students and families of what being “Called…for Him” means, as well as daily 8am instagram live devotionals and prayers and weekly podcast updates every Friday. This can be found by searching, ‘The Motion Podcast’ on all major, podcast platforms.

We love our school community and can’t wait to see what blessings God has install for it next.

- The Chaplaincy Team

Home Learning


"Even though it’s tricky trying to balance home life and online learning, the activities that the teacher’s have been sending have been enjoyable for us both. It has helped us bond better during lessons. While Isaiah is doing well with his home learning he’s still very eager and keen to go back to school to learn face-to-face with his teachers and peers." Isaiah

“My favourite part of home learning is seeing each other on Zoom”. Phoebe

“MVAC educators and staff have made home learning smooth and accessible for parents during Covid-19. You all have gone above and beyond and are a blessing to our school community. Thank you.” Phoebe's Mum

Even teachers have had to adapt to this new way of learning and working from home during COVID-19.

Mrs Hidalgo – “It has been an interesting journey but at the same time I have been able to empathise with parents and understand their needs a little more as I have needed to work from home, juggling my own work along with assisting my children. The first few days were tough, I wont lie, but then we managed to get ourselves into a routine where everyone was happy and settled. I must say that the assistance from teachers and the class setups have been amazing and easy to follow. Thankfully my children have been fairly independent with their home learning and it has been all thanks to the hard work their teachers have put in. It has been nice sitting on the other side of the screen during meetings hearing their teachers, my work colleagues, supporting my children. I think the funniest at home has been that throughout the day we have all had to have an online meeting so in the house our code is a shout out “I’m going live in five!”, just to warn everyone else. I know our teachers at MVAC have put a lot of effort into delivering their online lessons and staying in touch with students. Talking to some other parents outside of our school, they are amazed at what we have been providing as sadly some of their schools have not done as much to support their home learning.”

Mikayla – “We don’t have to leave so early for school so I get to sleep in a little. I can take my time with work and I like having to type more instead of writing so much. The activities have also been fun”

Romeo – “In all honesty I hate it and would rather work at school because at home I get too relaxed and don’t feel like doing any work. It has been good though to have more family time and be able to work ahead”

Year 1

Year 2

Yr 2Z have been very busy with their online learning and having lots of fun with colour and shaving foam.

Year 5

I have bean learning inside my house for more then two weeks and it personally been great for the past few days and I feel much more comfortable and more chatty ever since we started and I love it. It is also a wonderful time with the people you love the most. Caroline

“I have been learning a lot during COVID-19, like 2D shapes and I have been reading Toppling. I find it easy to log in to MyEOnline and Edmodo; I haven't had any issues.” Emani-Bree

“I enjoy learning at home during COVID-19, with my supporting teachers, although I do miss my friends but I am excited to see them soon!” April

“My online learning during COVID-19 is going great. I’ve stayed on track with all my lessons and I like working from home.” Lakshmi

“COVID-19 brought the whole world together to pray. I spend quality time with my family. What I learnt during COVID-19 is that I can work independently on the computers.” Aarjav

Year 6

Learning from home is a very different perspective from learning from school. It is different because everyday we are used to seeing our classmates at school and talking to our teacher. I am very excited to go back to school also because I will get to see my friends and have the support from the teacher. Adrian

Year 9D Invictus- Grateful for...

Year 12 Cooking


College Buses

As we continue to make arrangements for students to return to school, our bus operations will be modified from their usual schedule. This will mean that your child may be picked up and dropped off earlier or later than usual. In some situations, children may be on the bus for a longer period of time. We ask for your patience and flexibility during this time as we adjust the bus runs to reflect the planned attendance. Once school has returned to regular school attendance, bus operations will return to normal.


As the days are now cooler, students should be in winter uniform. The uniform shop is open if you need to purchase a warm jumper or blazer. Please remember that the sport jackets are not to be worn with the regular uniform as we encourage students to be proud of the way they dress and their school.


The Canteen has revised its menu for Term 2 & 3 and will now be open for breakfast from 8am daily. Checkout what’s on offer this term and try our Breakfast Meal Deal. EFTPOS facilities at the canteen will also be available very soon.

Students to Bring Refillable Water Bottles to School

During this time of COVID-19, we will be closing all water bubblers at school. We ask that your child brings a refillable water bottle to school with them each day so that they can remain hydrated. Water bottles can be refilled in Junior School classrooms or via Water Dispensers in the Student Reception Area in the Admin Building. The Canteen does sell bottles of water for those who prefer this option.

Looking for school information and can’t find it?

With so much information in your inbox each day it is easy to miss an email from the school. Remember that you can also find school and COVID-19 information on our facebook page and website. Parents of Years 7-12 can see their child’s academic work and results using SEQTA Engage.