About Me Olivia Watson

My Family

My family is quite large. I have three step brothers, one step sister, one brother, and one half brother. We are al extremely close except my step brother Ryan. He is a marine stationed in North Carolina, so we don't get to see him often.


I have many hobbies, and enjoy playing several sports. I fascinate over exploring, and love the woods. I play a few sports for the school, and several other sports outside of school. I play basketball, soccer, and softball for the school, and I play tennis, run, and bike outside of school. I am also well involved with the community. I am in Key Club, Pep Club, and French Club. In Key club, all we do is stuff for the community. We raise money, do community service, and tons of other things. In pep cub, we support our athletic teams. We are at every game. I enjoy being involved with everything, but sometimes it is hard to keep up with.


I have one many academic honor achievements ranging from math top gun for three consecutive years to gold medals fro all As. I have plenty of other awards from the sports that I have mentioned, and I have also earned awards in other academic areas.

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