Emergence A Lookbook for Spring and Summer

Savoye Salon Spa is proud to introduce our first ever lookbook

A "lookbook" is a curated collection of visual elements, assembled around a resounding concept to deliver the vision of the artists involved.

The inspiration for this lookbook is the shining moment of emergence after a period of growth.

Over night, the natural world transforms from tranquility into the bursting liveliness of spring. This energy changes us, breaks us out of our shells, propels us forward. And as this change is happening within us, the seasons gradually progress toward the full height of summer. In the warmth we extend ourselves outward like sunflowers, reflecting the joy we find in the light of day. With each sunrise, we are reminded to emerge.

Credit: Lashes and photography by Jessica. Makeup by Alyssa. Modeling by Evelyn Salgado.

We're all connected. Every small act flows through, like a ripple. Every seed grows beyond itself.


Every transformation must first be nurtured. And when we all work together, amazing things can happen. That's the difference with a team-based salon.

Look to the credits below each photoset to see which team members were involved in bringing the look to life.

Top: Alyssa, Haylee, Jesse Bottom: Amanda, Jessica

The Models


Credit: Cut & color by Jesse. Styling by Amanda. Makeup by Alyssa. Modeling by Michaela Arndt. Photography by Jessica.


Credit: Cut, color & styling by Amanda. Makeup by Alyssa. Modeling by Genevieve Artel. Photography by Jessica.


Credit: Cut and color by Haylee. Styling by Amanda. Makeup by Alyssa. Modeling by Lauren Mihalski. Photography by Jessica.


Credit: Cut and color by Haylee. Styling by Amanda. Makeup by Alyssa. Lashes and photography by Jessica. Modeling by Evelyn Salgado.
Emergence, a Lookbook by Savoye Salon Spa

Editor's Note

This photoshoot was inspired by a desire to capture the brilliant essence of spring and summer. However, it would not be possible without the incredible talent of each person involved. Each of our models graced us with their glowing skin, shining hair, and bright eyes. Each artist used her unique skills and vision to bring out the inherent beauty in each model. We are so grateful for this experience, and we hope this lookbook inspires you to emerge renewed and bask in light with us!

Copyright, Savoye Salon Spa 2019


Modeling by Michaela Arndt, Genevieve Artel, Lauren Mihalski, and Evelyn Salgado.

Hair color by Jesse, Haylee, and Amanda.

Hair styling by Amanda.

Makeup by Alyssa.

Lashes (on Evelyn) and photography by Jessica.

Copywriting and book editing by Grace, using Adobe Spark.

All hair products by Aveda. Lash extensions by Novalash. All makeup products by Aveda, except goldleaf.


All model photography by Jessica Gadzalinski and the team at Savoye Salon Spa. The remainder of this book was created with images by Markus Spiske - "untitled image" • Markus Spiske - "untitled image" • Aaron Burden - "untitled image" • Snknjak - "bird nature duck" • Nicman - "hummingbird bird trochilidae" • jill111 - "spring bird bird spring" • Philip Brown - "untitled image" • jeanvdmeulen - "grey crowned crane headshot portrait" • Ryan Tasto - "untitled image" • Markus Spiske - "untitled image"

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