Apples and Nutrition 10/2/2020

This week in the Toddler Room we talked about Apples and Nutrition. The Toddlers learned about where apples come from; starting as a seed and growing into a tree. The Toddlers learned the different parts of an apple including the leaves, stem, skin, flesh, core, and seeds. We talked about the different colors of the apple as well as their textures and flavors. Each day we tried a different type of apple. We first described the color, smelled, and then tasted the apple describing the texture (was it crunchy or soft) ,taste (was it sweet or tart). We charted to see which apples we liked as a class the best so that we could try them again. We talked about items that are made from apples such as applesauce, apple juice, apple pie, muffins, apple fritters etc. The Toddlers learned about making healthy food choices like first eating our main meal and then treats. This weeks song “Way Up High in the Apple Tree”.


Food chart: We used the chart to identify what group each food choice would go in.
Zipper Frame


Geometrical Shapes and matching
Knobbed Cylinder
Ladybug puzzle largest to smallest (part to whole)

Practical Life

Slicing Wooden Fruit and Vegetables
Slicing wooden fruit and vegetables
Pouring and Spooning
Spooning and Ladling


Painting an Apple (introducing a single color)
Play dough and Bingo Dotting

Working Together

Magnetic fishing puzzle
Sorting basic shapes
1 to 1 Apples (1-5)
Teacher helping student and hammering


*Fall has arrived and so have cooler temperatures most days. Please send a jacket for your child to wear each day as we will be going outside weather permitting.

*We will be sending home Summer/ warmer temp clothing please return with weather appropriate clothing. Thank you :-)

*Please send a water bottle daily with your child’s name on it.

*Next weeks topic is “Fall”


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