Meet Placer County Novelist Tiffani Collins

Placer County treasures its hard-working and talented workforce we affectionately call 'Team Placer.' Our team’s talent spans well beyond what we do in our jobs, though. Take Tiffani Collins. She’s an accomplished writer that has published two novels. We spent some time with Tiffani to learn more about her passion for writing.

What do you do for Placer County?

I am a library clerk assigned to the Rocklin Library.

Tell us about the novels you’ve published.

I've written two fantasy and fiction novels. The first, Dark Wood, was originally a short story that simply couldn't be confined to anything less than 130,000 words. The second novel is the first in an epic fantasy series. Reflections of a Runner is a lot of fun for me because it is set in a universe where there is an infinite number of alternate histories, and I get to re-write the course of human events any which way I want. It is a ton of work and research, but I love it because with Danny's world I get to play with so much creative freedom it is dizzying.

Tiffani considers every element of her novel in exceptional detail. Click the photos below to see an even closer look at her work.

What inspires you?

Primarily, I get a lot of my ideas from mythology, lore and legend, as well as from all of the contemporary works of fiction I've read. For instance, the concept of multiple worlds of alternate histories arranged in a series referred to as the related worlds comes from children's writer Diana Wynne Jones' Chrestomanci series. Reflections of a Runner also draws story developments from Snow White, The Fox and the Hound, as well from a wealth of Celtic folklore and mythic people with a dash of Native American legends for added spice. I laugh at myself, though, when I think that I've written a somewhat dark adult story that borrows so heavily from children's fairy tales.

Do you plan to write more novels in the future?

Oh yes! I've tentatively plotted out Danny's series to include about 20 books in total. Given that I’m a slower writer, I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew.

Danny, a character in Tiffani's book Reflections of a Runner, in her shape-shifted form.

What advice do you have for a budding writer?

On a practical note, the key to writing and actually finishing a novel is planting yourself in the chair and putting words on the page until you get to "the end." I think that is probably the hardest part, with all the distractions out there, and moments when you can't think of a single thing to fill all those blank pages.

On an even more important note, you have to be very brave. You have to put yourself out there. If you're going to keep writing after you've published a book or two, you have to be able to keep writing what you want, despite what people will say about what you've already written. Don’t let your audience skew your voice or your vision.

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