Salina Rodriguez


I'm a Chico State student, completing online degree for my Bachelors degree in Liberal Studies. Working with children has been my passion since I first started babysitting as a young girl. The satisfaction of helping a child learn new things is what I have found drives me. Teaching does not feel like a job, rather a passion that I was raised to follow.

Building relationships with children

This TED talk I have found inspiring, along with a constant about why I am choosing the field I am. I am teaching to inspire, I am teaching to build relationships, I am teaching to build confidence. I am a teacher because I know how to build a child up and mold them into the person they dream of being.


English 333

English 333 has taught me that there is no right way to teach, rather there are many different approaches to bring the information across more effectively for each student. I have realized that students need information broken down individually in lessons in order to obtain all the information. Classroom activities and workshops bring a hands on form of learning that allows students minds to adjust to new ideas and learn in a way they find most comfortable. Challenging myself with mini lessons during each Make Cycle has allowed me to see how much more successful I can be with learning in blocks rather than everything at once. If as an adult student I can see the changes within, I can only imagine how much this will help the world of teaching, starting with me.


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