G a l i l e o By AideN

Let's learn about G a l i l e o! He was born in Febuary 15, 1564.

His family moved to the city of Florence when 10 years old. He got bored with medicine, and he was kind of a discovery man because he discovers a lot of things.


He was also a good writer, and kind because he tried not to criticize the church.

That's all about G a l i l e o for today.

Let's learn about G. A. L. I. L. E. O!! He was born in 2/15/1564.

His family moved to the city of Florence when he was 10 years old.

He was a mathematician, physist, and scientist, and he proved everything falls at the same speed. He is famous because he discovered stuff.

Do you know something else about G a l i l e o?


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