Bridges By: Maddie Peters


300 popsicle sticks

1 bottle of Elmers glue

2 people

Large work space

Box of paper clips


2 empty tissue boxes

1 box of rubber bands


After every step let glue dry completely


Step 1- Take a piece of newspaper and lay it flat on the workspace you will be building your bridge on.

Step 2- First, take 10 sticks and lay them out in a straight line on the newspaper, having them all touch together.

Step 3-Next, take nine sticks and put glue on one side of the stick and lay them flat in a straight line on top of the 10 sticks in between each gap where the 10 sticks touch. Use paper clips because it is difficult to keep them in place while drying.

Step 4-Then, repeat step 2 and 3 seven more times. Creating 8 base pieces, each 2 sticks thick.

Step 5- Fifth, take 2 of the base pieces and glue them together, creating a base piece that are 4 sticks thick.

This is a photo of one of the base beams.

Step 6-Then, repeat step 5 three more times creating your 4 base pieces, each 4 sticks thick.


Step 7-First, take two base pieces and set them down flat, horizontal, and parallel with each other on the newspaper.

Step 8-Next, take three popsicle sticks and form a triangle. Glue the triangle together. Make 11 separate triangles.

Step 9-Now, take one of your glued triangles and glue it on the two base pieces. Have the base of your triangle be glued to the stick of the bottom base piece.

Step 10-After that, glue the next triangle the opposite way. For example have the base of the triangle be glued to the stick of the top base piece. When you are gluing the triangles on the base pieces, try to keep them close or a touching distance away from each other.

This is a photo of the side of the bridge.

Step 11-After you have glued 11 triangles on one side of the bridge, repeat steps 7-10 on the other side of the bridge creating two sides of the bridge.

Top and bottom/ tissue box

Step 12-Take two tissue boxes and lay them on their side. Make them in a straight line.

Step 13-Then, take the two sides of the bridge and push them against the top and bottom of the tissue boxes.

Step 14-Hold the sides of the bridge up to the tissue boxes while someone else wraps two rubber bands around the tissue boxes and sides of the bridge. The rubber bands allow the bridge to be an even width apart and holds it in place while you build the top and bottom of the bridge.

This is a photo of the tissue boxs and rubber bands holding the bridge in place while putting the top and bottom on.

Step 15-First, where ever there is space on the top or the bottom of the bridge where the tissue box isn't, glue sticks in a diagonal form from one side of the bridge to the other. Take the tissue box rubber bands off so you are able to finish the rest of the bridge.

Step 16-After that, take more sticks going diagonal the other way. Forming an X like shape.

This is a photo of the top and bottom of the bridge.

Step 17-To complete the top and bottom of the bridge make the X like shape from end to end on the top and bottom of the bridge.

Note: when doing the x's on the bottom part of the bridge do you not flip the bridge over just place the x's on the top part of the bottom base.


Step 18-First, take two popsicle sticks and place them flat on the table. Make them parallel to each other(4 inches apart).

Step 19-Now, take 6 sticks and place them the opposite way the sticks are on the table. Put glue on them and glue them that way.

Step 20-After that, turn over all the sticks that you just glued and do the same thing on the other side.

Step 21-Repeat steps 18-20 and make a total of 4 attachments.

This is a photo of the attachments on the ends of the bridge.

Step 22-Attach the attachments to the side of the bridge however you want. This step is very difficult because the bridge is hard to keep even. Try your best and if you get the bridge even your bridge will be complete!

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