Samurai Natalie McIlveen period. 7

Minamoto Yoritomo took power in 1185 and in 1192 he became a shogun. He didn't take the power of the emperor, instead he started a military government in Kamakura. Military leaders took over, andemperors lost power. A new era started in Japan.

Shogun are the military leaders of Japan that have taken control.
Daimyo hire samurais to protect their properties and attack other daimyos for more land. If they were loyal and obedient they got rewarded with land, administration office, or money.
Samurais are Japanese warriors that protected daimyos and shoguns. When they protect their shogun and daimyo they get land and appointments in to office.
Samurai armor was usually made of leather, iron, and copper.
Samurais used arrows, bows and swords. They where are trained to fight without a weapon.

Samurais have to practice how to ride a horse and shoot a bow. They have to learn how to fight without a weapon by practicing wrestling and jujitsu. The master teaches one of the samurai’s most important skills, which is sword fighting, in the afternoon. Where they develop strength speed and accuracy over years

Samurai got chosen if the father and grandfather were samurais. Or they got chosen by birth and got prepared to be a samurai at birth.

Samurai study meditation and mental exercises. They had to learn self-control be spent days without eating walk barefoot in the snow and standstill for Hours .They always have to be alert because their life depends on it they had to get a six sense.

Bushido is the unwritten code of honor. The code called for loyalty, honor, bravery.

The samurai value and respect the gods and they where generous to the poor people.

Part of the samurai bushido honor code bushido honor code, seppuku was used either voluntarily by samurai to die with honor rather then fall into the hands of enemies and likely suffer torture or as a form of captivity punishment for samurai who had committed serious offenses, or preformed because they had brought shame to them self.

The fierce samurais had to learn the art of calligraphy and some wrote poetry called Haiku. The tea ceremony was important for the harmony calmes and reverence and also most important for political alliance among the samurai. The tea ceremony had to be performed a certain way. The tea master made separate tea for each individual guest.

Amida buddhism or pure land is where people believe they gets salvation after their death send Buddhist schism is self this death. Zen Buddhism self discipline simplicity and meditation.

Woman of samurai society changed because they had to protect their families while their man we're out fighting so they learned to use weapons. Women got higher status at this time

In the 12th century woman enjoyed honor and respect, they manage the household and if their husband died they could inherit the property.

The 17th century woman had to respect their father, their husband and their son. They had no right and they didn't get to choose anything that they wanted. If their husband died they had to kill him self. 

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