The Types of Power And What They Mean

This shows reward power because of the dog behaved and its owner gave the dog a treat. A positive effect of reward power is: it will make to dog behave. A negative effect of reward power is: once the dog realizes the owners strategy the dog might only behave is it gets a treat.
Winston Churchill is an example of referent power because he became prime minister because of how well liked he was by the United Kingdom's citizens.
Donald Trump is an example of legitimate power because he owns a business and is the next president of the United States. One positive thing is, while someone holds a curtain position, people respect or respond to him or her in that position. One negative thing is, if the person in power is corrupt they will only support their own agenda.
A teacher has information power because of the teacher's access to more information than the students. One positive effect from information power is the person with power can educate everyone else. One negative is the teacher might teach personal opinions inappropriately.
Expert power based on skill, or knowledge on a subject. Positive effect people get the best and most accurate information from someone with expert power. Negative effect someone with expert power could take advantage of someone by providing them with unfinished or misleading information
Connection power is based on who the leader knows. Positive effect connection can help people obtain important things like a job recommendation. Negative effect it can lead to someone getting something they are not deserving of or unqualified to have.


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