MElbourne, Australia Briana Hawkins

How I'm Getting There

For my trip to Melbourne, I will be taking a roundtrip flight on Delta Airlines. It will take eighteen hours and five minutes to get to my destination. The cost for the flight is 2,019 dollars it includes all the following, wifi, usb charging, and food.

Living in luxury

When I settle in Melbourne I will be staying in a hotel called Grand Hyatt Melbourne. I will have the Luxury Suite which includes a city and Yarra river view, a bedroom with a king bed, living room and dining room, and a marble bathroom with walk in showers.

bedroom one
living room
bathroom part one
bathroom part two

What I wanna do

In melbourne there are a lot of places to shop. There are over thirty malls to shop at, so I will be taking a trip to different malls and outlets. The next thing I would like to do is meet up with my favorite bloggers, Jamie and Nicki. When I'm with them they can give me a tour of their city and we and go out to eat. Lastly I would like is to take a hike and on the trail near the Yarra River.

nicki on the left jamie on the right
Yarra River

Foods australians like to call their own

Fish 'n' Chips (Fish and Fries), Tim Tam (Chocolate and Biscuits), and Pavlova (Crust and Fruit).

Fish 'n' Chips, Tim Tam and Pavlova from left to right.


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