Arranged Marriage Tricia Williams

For many years, arranged marriages have been a part of traditional society in numerous countries, but in reality they negatively impact individuals throughout their entire lives.
Since the fourth century, arranged marriages have been a vital part of the Indian culture.

The practice of arranged marriage has the potential to completely tear families apart, particularly when young people go outside of their castes. India in particular runs on a caste system which organizes power and labor in the Indian society.

Despite the fact that Americans seem to be mostly against arranged marriages, there are modern conditions which are very similar to the Indian tradition of arranged marriage. Websites such as Eharmony,, and Jdate correspond to many of the qualities that arranged marriages have.
The concept as a whole is something that most people are unfamiliar with, even though it is more evident than one may assume. All in all, arranged marriages negatively affect the well-being and mentality of individuals and finding true love on your own is something everyone should strive to do.

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