Violet's Culminating Activities Adobe spark project

This is my BTT1O portfolio, a brief summary of my experience during this course.

What did I enjoy about this course?

Individual work

This course offers me the chance to improve my skills independently with the occasional teacher's assist. I got to explore new features of a software myself and was encouraged to "play around" with them until satisfied. I had a great time working by myself and although I often failed at the few first times, in the end, I always learnt something useful that I did not know before. Individual work on computer was really enjoyable.

The individual work was really enjoyable.

Various software offered

Throughout the course, instead of sticking with just a few basic software and mastering them, I got to try entirely new things that developed my skills in different parts, for example, Adobe Photoshop, Prezi, Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Access. Although each software lesson only lasted about a week or two, it was entertaining to explore their main features and learn about how they can help me.

A wide range of software are offered throughout the course.

Clear expectations

The teacher lists the expectation very clearly at the end of every assignment, so I had a very good idea what my work should look like and what should be included in it. It helped me a lot when I was lost because the expectation bullet points are just like a guide of what to do. I know to follow them and do a quick checking before turning in the assignments so that I wouldn't lose marks when I could clearly avoid it.

The expectations are always listed very clearly at the end of an assignment.

Flexible deadlines

Although the deadlines are on the Google Classroom, all of them was flexible so that I could do my work at my own pace without rushing. This is so convenient because sometimes I prefer spending time at home working than doing it in class, so I can do other things during the period once in a while. Another case is when I need more time to fully explore the software before moving on, and I did not have to ask the teacher for an extended deadline at all. As long as I finished it, then it is fine. I really like this flexible deadline because it gave me more freedom over my time.

Flexible deadlines gave me more freedom over my time.

Violet's Culminating Activities - Adobe Spark Project

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