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Being physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy is a lifestyle commitment...no matter what you heard. Real Talk.

Being physically fit is the easier part of the three. Although many may not agree, when it comes to physical fitness, the hardest part can be finding the motivation to actually start and commit for more than a 21-day trend. As long as you treat it as part of your daily life, you will always reach your goals.

There are many apps on your mobile devices or smart watches that can help you keep track and commit to daily activity. The above picture comes from my favorite IPhone feature: Activity. (Default app)

Mental health can be more of a challenge for some than others, but we all need to exercise better mental health. Be aware of your mental health so that you can properly address issues. Diet, rest, and exercise are key components to your best mental states.

Emotional health involves having a grounded state of spirituality. I cannot tell you what your religion or spirituality should be, but I can tell you, you need to have a spiritual connection. A spiritual connection can help ease stress and aid in a successful physical and mental foundation.

What we focus on is what develops in our life

Finish your race. It’s never too late to go back and start again

Galatians 5:7