All About Me By: Jatahja Barnett

If I could have an endless supply of any food, I would choose cheesecake. Cheesecakes are my favorite!
Believe it or not, my spirit animal is a bear. We look innocent and sweet, but push our buttons, it'll be the worst mistake of your life.

One thing I'd like to accomplish are my dreams of traveling. I would always dream about going to Paris, France; Rome, Italy; Bora Bora; Fiji; and Hawaii.

Superman is by far my favorite super hero. I belive growing up my brother and cousins were obsessed with super heaors and over time, superman has been the one to ggro on me.
My hero is my big brother. He is very talented and had very big dreams as a kid. He actually gave up on dreams that seemed unrealistic to him and set out to achieve others. My brother has always taught me to never give up and that just because people may tell me I can't or won't ever be able to do something, doesn't mean I have to listen to them.

Do I even have to explain why I love Carowinds? Honestly, it is the best place ever. If you've never been, it's like Six Flags times 10 but without all the sticky heat.

Zendaya is my favorite young actress. I would probably have her play me just because I love her.

Like mint ice cream, I'm cool, calm, and collected. I'm always there to comfort those in need and according to some, seeing/ being with me is always refreshing.
Whether you prefer to is as the city of lightd or the city of love, Paris has always been a city I want. I love to visit and learn about new places and Paris, France is definitely at the top of my list of cities to explore.

Belive it or not I kinda want to be a peditrician. I want to be able to help children like me, medical mystreries.

I'm a night owl. I hate mornings.

Art Is one of my hobbies. My brother is very artistic and I would always want to be able to draw like that.

This is a drawing I did of Rihanna. It isn't one of my best pieces, but I think it is preatty good.

My number pet peeve is loud chewing!!! It drives me INSANE!!!!

Crawfish is the weirdest thing I have eaten. The look like roaches. It's really weird.

Everyone in my family is very outgoing. I think that is my favorite thing especially with me being so quiet.

A weird habit of seperating my food before I eat. Also, I have to eat each food item completely before I eat another, and I always drink last.

I can't describe myself in just 3 words. The three words I'd have to pick though would be calm, loving, and intelligent.

If a movie was made about me it would DEFINTELY, WITHOUT A DOUBT be a drama. I try to keep myself away from all that but people just won't leave me alone.

I would want to become Zendaya. She is very beautiful and has an amazing voice.

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