Agriculture Nickolas Neilson

This pictures shows people harvesting their crops in 1565.

1st Agricultural Revolution

The first agricultural revolution happened in 9500 BC and this was when people began to start farming crops and planting their own food instead of running around and always moving to find food, now they can just stay put in one spot and get their own food by farming. This was a huge step in history because now people can start forming villages and then form a community and start to live life as a community. They also don't have to risk their lives trying to get food to eat for them and their families. One interesting form in the first agricultural revolution was the " slash and burn " technique were farmers would cut down trees with tools like knives and machetes and cut down tree and vegetation and then they would burn the trees and vegetation on the ground and then a layer of ash would form and this would fertilize the soil for better farming.

2nd Agricultural Revolution

The second agricultural revolution was when we went from farming out own crops with tools and hald help tools to using bigger machinery / better technology to harvest the crops in the 1700's to the 1900's and this made farming crops was faster and way easier. This revolution also help farmer distribute their crops that they grew faster and easier so they can feed more people and make a lot more money! Farmers would use tools such and seed drills and what these tools allowed farmers to do was they would be able to plant seeds in nice rows and this was more organised and a better way to plant crops on their farms. Farmers also started feeding their livestock artificial food and this allowed you to breed livestock to be strong milk produces or good for beef.

3rd Agricultural Revolution

The 3rd agricultural revolution changed a lot of things. Farmers started to stop using animals to tow their equipment around and now farmers have these big machines that replaced humans and animals for farming. Farms can now control there farming more by being able to harvest their crops by driving a machine and it will harvest their crops. In this revolutions scientists were able to make higher yield hybrids and this will help all the farmers out because now farmers can get all of their stuff all over the world in bigger quantities and way faster. The 3rd agricultural revolution also had a lot to do with science, they made GMO's that are also called " genetically modified organisms " which allowed farmers to grow crops that could be bigger and produce more than they usually do.

Genetically modified organisms

GMO's also know as genetically modified organisms are scientifically modified organisms that can produce more, be more rich in the flavor, be a different color and many more things. These GMO's can help many people because they can grow things faster instead of waiting for the amount of time it normally takes and this can feed a lot of people which can help end world hunger. GMO's changed farming a lot because now farmer can produce way better and a lot more of the crops that they have been producing before and now this can help feed a lot more people which is good for the world but a bad thing is that they aren't organic, they are genetically modified to be bigger and better and this can have some side affects because of the things they put into the soil / seeds.


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