Portraits By: Cecilia Lovell

I chose Grace to be in the outside picture. Because she acts like an angle and doesn't really worry about how the picture turns out.
I chose Ashrowo to be in my photo representing that she is in the school setting.
this is against the wall obviously and It shows the order of how lines and some formations are like.
This shows the natural light from the window near the gym near the second floor.
This shows away from the wall near the wrestling area.
we used the gym as an environment kind of because it is an environmental area where lots of people are and I took it as they were shooting the basket ball.
this is my choice i decided to choose this picture because it mostly represents our whole school.
This is another one of my choice that i took because it shows a little bit of school spirit while playing basketball.
another one of my pictures are of her (dont know name) trying to take the shot into the future of a career if she would like to try basketball.
Created By
cecilia lovell

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