Droughts Kasen

What is a drought?

A drought is when all the water dries up and there is a lack of rain fall.Droughts are caused because there is no precipitation.

How is it formed?

The whole reason droughts are caused is because of a lack of rain fall.

How long do droughts last?

A drought can last weeks, years, and centuries because of how powerful they get because of how powerful they are. Did you know that the worst drought from the southeast area was the Australia's Millenium drought? It lasted 12 years.

How powerful can droughts be?

Droughts can cause hunger and famine. Without water crops die and livestock die due to no grass or water. When droughts destroy food sources people and animals go hungry.

Where do droughts happen?

Droughts can happen any time anywhere, but they are mostly located in the Midwest and the south. The biggest drought ever was longer then 400 years!

Interesting Facts

  • Did you know that the the biggest drought in the United States covered the whole Statue of Liberty?
  • In Africa there was a drought that lasted 12 years.
  • Did you know that a drought can kill 1 million people?
  • Did you know that the longest drought lasted 400 years?
  • Did you know that all the droughts in the hole entire world were in nine states?


  • precipataion-no water
  • lack-nothing of somthing
  • centuries-100 hundred years


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