Steve and Dave Jolliffe By: Henry Adams

TopGolf was founded in 2000 in Watford England by brothers Steve, and Dave Jolliffe. It is said that they where hitting range balls and came up with the idea. Since then TopGolf has taken off all around the U.S, and England to become a retro speak kind of hangout place.

Over the course of topGolf's seventeen year history most obstacles faced were during the first few years. Not a lot of people where aware of what it was, but it soon began to take shape and, expanded out of the U.K. They first started with three original TopGolfs , but have since then built many more now having 29 in total.

Steve, and Dave envisioned a place were local people could go and have food, and drink, hang out with their friends, and casually hit around the golf ball. (This is basically what TopGolf has turned into).

TopGolf is like no other place. It takes the luxury of one's own home, places it at a driving range, adds a bunch of fun golf games, and lastly, throws in a pretty decent restaurant that people will enjoy to eat at. The end result is a TopGolf. They are light years ahead of everyone else. No other company can compete with them, and this is why they thrive.

TopGolf is unique in a number of ways. Although Steve, and Dave Jolliffe are the founders, they are not the ones who run the company. In 2005 TopGolf was brought to the U.S by Eric Anderson founder of the West River Group, a U.S licensee company. Anderson since then has gone on to become the co-chairman, and CEO of TopGolf. Secondly, TopGolf offers the player with a great playing experience. At a normal driving range all you do is randomly hit balls. At TopGolf you are able to play different games, work on your target practice, and try to score as many points a possible.

Keys to success for TopGolf have come in a variety of ways. First, the company's deciton to keep the number of TopGolfs across the world relatively small (29) have come in handy. This means that they can lure in lots of people from all over to come play at their place. Secondly the places where they build are smart. On average a TopGolf costs 18-50 million to build. So the head people have to strategically plan out where to build. In Illinois we have one in Naperville, and Schaumburg. These lure in people from the city, and the suburbs bringing in massive amounts of money. Lastly TopGolf succeeds as a casual hangout place. They have lots of T.Vs, pingpong, pool, and other forms of entertainment than golf. This is important for all of the non-golfers to still be able to enjoy themselves and come back.

TopGolf should continue to grow, expand, to become of the funnest places to hangout soon enough. The Jolliffe brothers have changed to way that people can both practice the game of golf, and socialize in a fun, capable way.

Aside from golf, TopGolf has a variety of good. Theses range from hamburgers, hotdogs, salads, fish, pizza, and desert. To matter who you are you can always find something good to eat at TopGolf!

TopGolf overview video:

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