Daniel Defoe was born in 1660 into a family of Dissenters, a Protestant sect which refused the authority of english church.

His descriptions contained primary qualities, for example colour, size, extension and numbers.

A greate importance was given to bourgeois values and he was the first to introduce this new type of fiction.

Daniel Defoe became famous for his political essays. When Queen Anne ascended at the throne Defoe was arrested because she didn't like his critical attituded.

In 1719 he published his masterpiece, Robinson Crusoe. In 1722 he published Moll Flanders and Colonel Jack.

Robinson Crusoe, that is his most famous novel, is full of religious references to God. He took inspiration from a lot of travel books.

The story is divided in 3 sections: the first one tells how Robinson leaves his family at the age of 19 and goes to sea to make his fortune. The second one is in a form o of a diary where protagonist talks about his experiences on the island. In the third section Ronbinson comes back in England.

This adventure must not be seen as a return to a nature state but as a chance to improve skills and dominate nature.

The protagonist uses a rational method in every situation: he always observs and then he makes a list of the possibile solutions.

"Man Friday" is an except of the novel Robinson Crusoe where the protagonist saves a native from a group of cannibals.

The native then submits himself to Robinson becoming his slave.

This scene reflects the importance that colonialism was assuming at the time.

A reflection that I made is that often people help only for something in return and after hundreds of years this is not changed.


John Milton was born in 1608 and he is the author of Paradise Lost, the most important epic poem in English wrote in 1667.

He despised all forms of tyranny and after the abolishment of the monarchy he served the republican government.

When the king came back to the power all his books were burnt and he was sent to prison. Paradise Lost was written after the Restoration of the Monarchy.

His masterpiece is a religious epic poem that takes place in three different part of the universe: in Heaven, Hell and Eden.

There are placed God, Satan, Christ and the Angels.

Satan has the same characteristics of the epic hero for his leadership and his courage. Satan embodies the figure of the rebel against authority.

The universe of Paradise Lost as a centre has the sun.

The language of the poem is elevated and complex and the author uses difficult vocabulary.

What I like the most of the excerpts I read is "The Just Created Adam".

What had really impressed me is how he tried to recreate the sensations of a person at his birth.

In this piece he explains Adam's feelings after his creation, how he tries to move the parts of his body and to understand what there is around him.

Another part that made me reflect is when Milton describes when Adam, full of joy for his creation, can't even express his feelings with words. Sometimes we should be everybody like Adam, be happy for our life and enjoy it , even if sometimes could seem difficult.

Here come bad news, talking this and that (Yeah!) Well, I should probably warn ya, I'll be just fine (Yeah!) No offense to you, don’t waste your time Here's why... (Because I'm happy)

This is a small piece of the song "happy" by Pharrell Williams that I would connect to my reflections upon "the just ceated Adam"

Mary Shelley

Mary Shelley was born in 1797.

Both her Parents influenced her by th idea of the French Revolution.

Ten days after Mary's birth her mother died.

Mary shelley started in 1816 to write Frankestein which was published in 1818.

She returned in England and died there in 1851.

The author dedicated Frankestein to Godwin and used many of her parent's thoughts, including social justice and education.

The novel is based in what discovered Luigi Galvani: to create a human being through the use of electricity and chemistry without respecting the rules of nature.

The main themes of the novel are: the overcoming of the limits of science, the desire to overcome human limits, penetration of nature's secrets and social prejudeces.

The theme I like the most in Mary Shelley's novel is the one that talk about prejudeces.

The author highlights how people thought influence the behavior of someone. In fact at the beginning, the creature was not evil, but after the meeting with other people he changed radically, because they considered him a monster.

Those kind of situations happend even nowadays: people often say to have not prejudices, but when it's time to concreatly demonstrate it, they change their behavior.

"Prejudice is a disease. So is fashion. But I will not wear prejudice." Lady Gaga

William Blake

William Blake was born in London in 1757.

He lived during the industrial development, that was having a evil effect on man's soul.

He thought the artists should have a new role and to become the guardian of the spirit and imagination.

The bible help him to have a complete vision of the world and its history.

When Blake was 10 years old he attended a drawing school in London. Artists were expected to respect perspective, proportions and to make just realistic representations.

Blake broke with these rules and created a new kind of art based on the power of imagination. He also created a new that unites poetic text and picture, called "illuminated printings".

Even in his poems he supports the use of imagination and that ideal forms should be created from inner vision.

Blake presents in his poems a simple structure a highly use of symbols: for example the child and Christ represent the states of innocence.

His verses are linear and rythmical with a frequent use of repetitions.

This method could be a training to go into people's souls, understand what they feel, knowing that we can find always something special in them.

I think that this should be the way to know each other, without stop ourselves in front of the physical aspect.

I really like his way to think, in particular because in my opinion a person should always see beyond material reality and go into the life of things.

I decide to use this image because nowaday racism is one of the most important and problematic theme about people's prejudeces


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