My tour of the Florida Museum of Natural History Hali Reeves

Nature On Display

The Cave Room

The room that resembled a cave was very interesting. Personally, I cannot remember a time when I was in a cave so this was a new experience for me. Caves have always intrigued me. This is probably because in movies they are always portrayed as creepy, and to me that is interesting. I have always wanted to know if they were as creepy. I also was never really sure how caves formed, especially underwater caves that seem to have air pockets. That just doesn't seem plausible. I found this room to be very informative because it gave me the feel of being in a cave and taught me on the placard a bit about how caves are formed.

Nature and ethics

Our Energy Future Home Sweet Home

When discussing the relationship of nature and ethics, the topic of energy conservation always comes up. Is it our responsibility, if we live in this world, to also help preserve it and its natural resources? I found this little house in the museum to be very interesting because it gave many ways for people to save energy in their daily lives. I feel as though many people think that making changes to their lives must be drastic in order to make a difference. However, if many people make small changes then the impact can be great.

nature and the human spirit

Many different exhibits at the FLMNH

In my personal life, it is very important that I get out into nature in order to maintain a good life. Often times, people find themselves caught up in the stress of work or school and don't take time to appreciate the natural world around them. Especially in a time when so much of our daily lives are consumed by technology and innovation, it is important to get a breath of fresh air and appreciate what has been created naturally for us to enjoy. Nature can be relaxing, inspiring, and awe-striking. This time in nature helps us to create a balance in our lives of stress and calm. Nature can help isolate us from the world so that we can understand it and ourselves better.

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