Drake's album brings “More Life” to his sounds By Jack Shapiro and Seby Shuken

Since the early 2000s, Drake has both grown as an artist and has influenced the rap scene. Drake has recently released his new album “More Life” which is being succeeded by his critically acclaimed record “Views.” “More Life” was released on March 18th and is available on streaming services including Apple Music, Tidal, and Spotify.

The album ranges from many different styles of music. In the song “Free Smoke,” Drake takes on a more intense rap similar to his previous tracks, “Back to Back” and “Jumpman.”

There are also tracks on the album where Drake takes the approach of a slower, more pop-like tune. “Passionfruit” has been a clear fan favorite that sounds somewhat similar to his older songs, “One Dance” and “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” “Passionfruit” is a slower number that is a mix between rap and pop.

“Passionfruit puts me in a passionate mood and relaxes me with the soft sounds in the background of Drake’s smooth rapping,” Rohan Goswami ’18 said.

There are also many records with popular artists featuring in them. In the song “Portland,” Drake is accompanied with Quavo and Travis Scott. “Portland” is definitely in a close race for the best track on the album. With a flute beat in the background along with the trio of Drake, Quavo, and Travis Scott, “Portland” may be the best song on this album.

Travis Scott & Quavo

“It's got two of my favorite artists, Travis Scott and Quavo so them combined with the unique beat really attracts my interest,” Jake Thaw ’20 stated.

“Gyalchester” has also gained some momentum with rapping similar to his albums of the past. The bassline of the song gives Drake a skeleton that turns his rapping into a ‘trap’ song similar to other artists like Migos and Travis Scott who have gained a following from these beats.

“The song gyalchester is able to reveal his expensive lifestyle while also giving you a bass heavy track,” Zac Schwartz ’18 said.

Although many of Drake’s songs are receiving great reception, there are many that tracks that are a swing and miss.

“I’m not really a fan of the album especially because he ripped off the song ‘Look at me’ by xxxtentacion in his song ‘KMT’ basically copying the style of the other rapper,” Christian Montgomery ’18 said.

More Life also features popular artists such as Kanye West, Young Thug, 2 Chainz, and PARTYNEXTDOOR. Although the songs that these artists appear on do not attract most listeners.

From left: Kanye West, PARTNEXTDOOR, 2 Chainz

Overall, “More Life” has received outstanding reviews. He has once again released a hot album that fans are raving over.

Kevin Rabacs ’19 a big fan of Drake's mentioned that, “[You’ve] Gotta love drake. He can sing but also spit some rap. He always has a good beat and has a cool way of getting his messages across.”

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