Thomas Jefferson By, Raylee crookham


  • It has been said that great men and woman achieve a kind of immortality through the works they leave behind for the benefit of future generations. Few human beings have left a legacy as large and rich as that of Thomas Jefferson. Thomas was born in Shadwell, Virgina, United States,April,13,1743. Thomas took a brave stand against British rule. Thomas owned slaves witch made people question his beliefs.
Slave house

early life

Thomas loved to write storys,learn about things,and he loved to read books. Thomas left his home at the age of 14. Thomas Jefferson's parents were Peter Jefferson a poor man and Jane Randolph a woman from a rich family. Thomas looked up to only three people these people were Peter Jefferson,Dr,William Small,and George Wythe.

adult life

When Thomas became an adult he married Martha Wayles Skelton on New Years Day,they had six children.Thomas Jefferson fought in the war. After the war Thomas was elected president of the U.S.Thomas Jefferson died on July,4,1826. Jefferson is remembered by helping U.S become independent.


Meeting Thomas Jefferson would have been an interesting experience because he would be the first president i ever met. If i could ask Thomas anything i would ask what it is like to be a president.Thomas Jefferson made me feel like i could be like him and stand up for people and their rights.

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