The Han Dynasty By: Julianna Davis

1. *PERSIA stands for Politics, Economics, Religion, Social construct, Intellectual Achieviments and Art/ Architecture

2. We are Ranking how many contribution were made to each aspect of P.E.R.S.I.A by the Han Dynasty.

Social Order in the Han Dynasty

Social Structure is the second most contributed too because, the whole order of rule is based on social structure. Especially in he Han society because each class has an unassigned job. The Slaves are responsible for labor and basically the heavy limiting, like making things and getting them to the merchants. And now that brings in the merchants role in society thy are responsible for getting the goods to the prowl and essentially bettering the economy with all the money their jobs make. Artisans are equally if not more important to the merchants, makers and artisans cultivate a society and build a culture with what they make and how what they make United people bringing them towards the greater good. Someone might naturally look at peasants as the bottom of a social pyramid. But they are casual workers not selves there work is not as intense.But with the money made from those jobs they push money into the economy by buying things from the merchants. After the peasants there are government officials and politicians, these people are the most important to society, they are te artisans making sure the people stay united and obey order that is put in place by the emperor. Which brings us full circle to the Emperor that most important most respected and powerful leader in society. The people warship and look up to the emperor because without that emperor they would have nothing. A perfect example of how this system works is the building of China. To go down the pyramid, when the Han's went on to continue the Great Wall of China it was the emperors decision. Then is approved and basically authorized by the nobles and other officials. Then everyone past that point basically is sent to continue the wall.But this process would not have gone so smoothly if there was no so social structure.

Terracotta Warriors

Art and Architecture

In the Han Society art and architecture played a huge role. They were the people to conquer the task of continuing the great wall of china. As well as very extravagant tombs for the emperors. Also something very important to note is the integration of arts and culture because of the Silk Road. The Silk Road was a connection of paths that was used to import goods from other empires across Europe and Asia and the Middle East. Another great architectural achievement is the terra-cotta warriors. The terra-cotta warriors were clay guards used to guard the tomb of Qin Shi Huang. This also prompted the invention of the blast field kiln, used to harden the clay of the soilders, but the design was not limited to soilders it also included cattle.

Emperor Liu Bang of the Han


: In politics the emperor was the supreme judge and law maker The First Han Emperor Liu Bang for example at his time would be in his position of power. The beliefs of the Han were mainly based on confucianism. an example of there beliefs was there disbelief in cruel and unusual punishments like beheading and burring alive. This is the highest on the ranking because it is the basis for The Han society. A society based around Confucisum is very focused on law and order. An example of the Han's strong contribution to politics is after they came into power they changed many aspects of Qin rule and how they ruled. These examples would be ending the era of cruel and unusual punishment and instituting confucism. The way politics worked was in the early years of the Han dynasty Liu Bang recruited people to serve on hi governement based on there abitlty in the field.

How Paper was made and processed

Intellectual Achievements

The Han Dynasty was the time in which paper was invented. This is clearly a major contribution to not only the Han Dynasty but is now a universally essential supply. We would be no where without Parker there would be nothing to write on which could have stoped some of the worlds greatest works to go on unpublished. Also the Silk Road, the Silk Road is also A very important technological advancement because of how it United not only the chinease but people of other nations. The Silk Road integrated trade and exposed china to new products like silk which was used for a majority of the clothes for the upper class.


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