Killer Clowns: Fact or Fiction? Group yes

What started the killer clown trend?

First Killer Clown sightings in USA August 19th 2016. There were reports from the mother of a 11 year old boy saying he could hear voices from the woods and saw clowns.

The clowns attempted to lure young children in to the woods with green lasers and sweets. The sightings were during the day and night, one incident particularly known in America was where a young boy was waiting at a bus stop and a clown approached him with a knife and the boy threw a rock at the clown and ran away.

In Texas a man herd sounds in the night and the morning after checked his security footage to find a clown attempting to break in to house with a machete.

Conspiracy Theories

Is It A Publicity Stunt For (2017) "IT" Remake?

Killer clown craze originated in America during the summer. Stephen King’s IT is due to release on September 18th 2017. It has been suggested that the first killer clowns are either fans of the original film imitating the clown from the film or it is a publicity stunt.

Stephen King’s “IT” where a clown terrorised a group of children. The movie remake of “IT” comes out next year. Some say that when people herd about the killer clowns they made it in to a trend and this might be why there is no explanation because the production company don’t want bad publicity for starting up something potentially dangerous and taken to far out of hand alike the "Charlie Charlie Challenge".

Donald Trump?

Donald Trump’s Campaign is based around fear and there has been speculation whether is is constructed by American politicians. As Clown fear is in the top 3 fears of the world people are questioning whetherTrump closer to the vote date will mention them and set up a campaign (although this is very unlikely, it is Trump and with him anything goes).

Killer Clown Cult In Tribute To John Wayne Gacy?

Serial killer John Wayne Gacy killed 33 young boys in early 70’s. In his free time he would throw parties for neighbours and dress up as a clown. He was named The Killer Clown and was later executed when found guilty.

Social Media and Pranks

The escalation of the phenomenon has been closely connected with its popularity on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. There have been many online pranks which originate from America:

What do Clowns International think?

Why is it on the news?

Schelesinger – News is not a reflection of reality as much as ‘Putting together of reality'

Credit: The Sun

Are the stories fact or fiction?

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