The 3 Abrahamic Religions bobby shepro and ariana parduhn


- Jesus Christ is the founder (33 C.E.)

- God is the supreme being they believe in

- Holy Book is the Bible

- Place of worship is a Church

- Religious leader is a Pope

- Developed out of the monotheistic tradition of Judaism

- Doesn't follow Jewish law

- Christian Denominations: Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, etc

- Some common christian celebrations held are Christmas (December 25, celebrates birth of Jesus), Easter (Sunday, April 16th [this year], celebrates resurrection of Jesus) Friday (Friday, April 14 [this year], celebrates crucifixion of Jesus)

- Minority in the Middle East, Majority in the U.S.

Pope Francis
Roman Catholic Church


- Abraham is the founder (2000 B.C.E)

- God is the supreme being they believe in

- Torah is the Holy Book (Located in Bible, 5 first books of Old Testament)

- Place of worship is a Synagogue

- Religious leader is a Rabbi

-Jewish law (Halakhah) includes 613 commandments given by God in the Torah such as prayer and ritual, diet, rules regarding personal status, and holidays

- Doesn't believe in the prophets after the Jewish prophets (Jesus, Muhammad)

- Jewish Denominations: Orthodox, Conservative, Reform

- Some common Jewish celebrations held are Hanukkah (December 12-20th [this year], celebrates rededication of the Second Temple in second century B.C.), Yom Kippur (September 29-30th [this year], celebrates forgiveness of sins), and Passover (April 10-18th [this year], celebrates the liberation of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery)

Jewish Rabbi
Jewish Synagogue


- Muhammad is the founder (622 C.E.)

- Allah is the supreme being they believe in

- Qur'an is the Holy Book

- Place of worship is a Mosque

- Religious leader is an Imam

- Muslim Denominations: Sunni, Shi`ite, Sufi, etc

- Some common Muslim celebrations held are Ramadan (May 26-June 25 [this year], celebrates fasting and devotion to faith and reflection), Ashura (September 30-October 1 [this year], time of fasting and of inner thoughts), etc.

Muslim Mosque


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