Samuel Henley - The Life Max Chasin


This is a musket. A musket is a gun that was used during the Civil War, and it was made out of metal. The purpose of the musket was to be used in battle to fight against the enemy - it is a gun. The English and the colonists used this tool to fight.

Animal Hide

The Native Americans try to scrape the skin off of an animal hide. This skin was very fury and warm, and scraping off the skin would help turn the skin to leather. Then pieces like the tendon could be turned into string and other parts of the hide could also be multi purposed. This shows how the Native Americans did not let the death of the animal go to waste - they would create something new with each part.


This is a silversmith shop. The shop is incredibly warm, and smells kind of dusty. It looks very messy, pieces of silver spoons and bowls all over the room, every crack and corner consumed with silver. The entire room also has a ruff feel to it. In order to buy something such as a silver spoon, you have to pay silver coins to be melted and molded into a spoon, and you also have to pay a laboring fee. Other items that are available to be bought in the shop are bowls, designs, and so much more. I would definitely go to shop here, for silverware and plates for home, and possibly a silver cross for my church.

The Randolph House

This is the Randolph house. My good friend Peyton Randolph owns the house, and I would visit him every once in a while.

The Randolph Kitchen

This room is the dining hall, in which fancy China plates, utensils, and food are.

George Mason

My favorite part of the house is where Mr. George Mason is, talking about his stories and experiences in the war, journeys, . . .. He is incredibly interesting and knowledgeable.

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