Taking Care of Cats by: Amara


Over millions of cats all around the world are roaming around the streets with no home and no family to provide for them. If you want to adopt and take care of these friendly felines, read this passage to help you understand the importance of taking care of theses cats. This passage teaches you the habitat,diet, appearance and behavior to give you a clear understanding of how to take care of a cat.


All cats are different in some ways. Some cats are gray with stripes or gray with no stripes. Some people make the assumption that all cats have stripes some make the assumption that all don't. My over all sum up is that all cats are different. Cats come in a different wide spreed of colors. They come in natural colors like gray, white brown, black, ginger and many other colors like that. Cats have whiskers for not only what I call mustache but also for eyebrows.


Wild cats normally live in tundras and rain forests, places like that normally. If you have a pet cat it can be an indoor or an outdoor as long as it adapts to it. Normally when wild cats is outside it starts to hunt. Bringing its behavior towards the pray aggressive. As long as you feed the cat before it goes outside you are not going to have a problem. But in this matter it depends on what cat you get.


Cats are carnivores that means they eat fish, chicken,gravy, practically eat any kind of meat except for cat meat. Cats can eat fruits and vegetables but its not good for them. Some things you should not give to your cat are avocados, onions, curry, alcohol, plants, garlic, dairy, chocolate, chives, green onion, carrots and so much more. Unless you give your cat any of these ingredients, your cat's going to be fine.


Cats are one of the most popular pets in the United States. Why don't you adopt a cat and it will make your day. What is your favorite kind of cat?


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