10 things about me Brenda moreno lopeZ

My favorite pets are dogs because they are very affectionate and beautiful. They love you when you get sick. You have to be very careful with pets.


I love going to the beach because I have fun there watching everything that God created.


I really love the watermelons because they are very delicious fruit. I like when they are harvested and to watch them grow. How rich they are!


I really like Barcelona. They are the best team and they have the best players.


This is the most delicious food of my country El Salvador - pupusas - that is what is the most sold in my country.


<I love Selena's songs. She was a great woman, and I admire her for what she was like> but only the memories are left of her now!


This flower is my favorite. The daisy smells very rich 👅 I love it 😍 a lot but sometimes you have to be careful because there are animals inside.


In July I will go on vacation to my country El Salvador 🇸🇻 I love my country! I like it for its culture, music, food, etc.

El volcan del Salvador

I love Adidas sneakers because they are very soft and good material. I like them although there are many people who do not.


I love to go to the nightclubs 💃 to dance. It is very nice to go dancing 💃 but sometimes it is better not to go because it is dangerous.


Thank you for reading My story. I hope you learned more about me.


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