Katelyn Marie  Katelyn Otto is a nineteen year old womenswear designer under the label Katelyn Marie. She is inspired by nature, history, and literature. She is a self-taught seamstress who loves to design and construct apparel and is currently attending Iowa State University to study Creative Apparel Design. Katelyn in the future hopes to design for a well-established label. Eventually, she would love to have her own business making custom evening and wedding dresses for individual clients.


I made the left and the right pictured skirts by cutting out four indentical trapezoids and sewing them together. For the left skirt I used a light floral cotton and for the right skirt I used a heavy striped cotton.

In the left picture I made the two pink poodle skirts. I used felt for the fabric and sewed elastic inside the skirts. To make the skirts I cut out a large semi-circle and then cut out a smaller semi-circle out of the larger one. The girl on the left in the picture is me. In the right picture is a skirt with an elastic waistband that I made myself for the fourth of July.

I made this skirt by cutting out a circle and then cutting out a smaller circle inside. I also sewed elastic on the inside. I wrote on the fabric "This above all to thine own self be true (I.iii.78)" which is a quote from Hamlet. I like quote a lot because it means that no matter what it is important to be true to yourself.


This was the first dress that I made. It was for a 1920's related project at school. I used a light cotton, added fringe to the bottom of the dress and to the ends of the scarf, and I sewed trim to the collar and sleeves of the dress. To make this dress I used a technique that Mary Brooks Picken developed in 1923.

I made this dress for my confirmation which happened my junior year. I used a cotton spandex mix for the fabric. I added black bias to the sleeves, collar, and to the ends of belt. I used a 1920's technique to make the top of the dress and for the skirt I cut out one large trapezoid.

This was a dress that I made for my Ring Ceremony, a sacred heart tradition where juniors are given their class rings by the seniors. I used a cotton spandex mix and added light yellow bias to the collar, sleeves, and the bottom of the skirt. For the top I used a pattern by McCall's and I did not use a pattern for the skirt. To make the skirt of the dress I cut out four identical trapezoids and sewed them together. For the belt I used some rope which I bought at Hancock Fabrics.

I made this dress while I was at Omaha Fashion Camp. I recycled Goodwill clothing to make my own creation. I turned an ankle length skirt into a strapless dress. I folded over ribbon and sewed it onto the top of the dress. Out of golden linen pants and a crimson rayon shirt I cut out petal shapes. Then I sewed white bias around the golden petals. I sewed all the petals onto a piece of ribbon. The peice of ribbon I used was the same kind of ribbon I used for the top of the dress. The ribbon and petals act like a belt and can come off of the dress. This dress landed me a spot on the platforms in the August Show of OFW.

Fall/Winter 2016 Collection

This is a red dress that I made as a part of my Omaha Fashion Week F/W '16 line. The fabric used for this dress is polyester. I cut a scalloped neckline for the front and the back. To make the skirt I cut out a large semi circle and cut a smaller semi circle out of the larger one. The top pictures are the dress without the layer of tule and without beading trim. The bottom pictures are the finished dress at Omaha Fashion Week in March of 2016.

This is the yellow dress that I made for my F/W '16 line. The dress is made out of a rayon and polyester mix. It has three pieces: a long sleeved top, an ankle length skirt, and a tule overlay with embroidered leaves.

This is the green dress I constructed for my F/W '16 line. These pictures are me in my dress. The dress has long sleeves and a full skirt. The neckline has cream beaded trim and the foot of the skirt has cream thread to hem it.

This picture is the white dress that I made for my F/W '16 line at the Omaha Fashion Week pre-party. This dress also has three pieces: the v-neck sleeveless top, the knee length skirt, and the layered tule overlay with white embroidered hearts.

This is the top of the brown dress. This dress has a non-fitted strapless top with a full skirt. The brown tule overlay has brown embroidered leaves.

The picture on the left is my finale piece of my collection. The dress has cream trim on the neckline and the bottom of the sleeves. The tule overlay has overlay has over fifty embroidered leaves that I hand stitched onto it. The picture on the right is my whole F/W '16 collection with me in the middle.

Fall/Winter 2017

This is a picture of my four piece Fall/Winter 2017 that I presented at Kansas City Fashion Week. These pieces included crushed penne velvet, lace, and satin. The dress on the far left is a halter top dress that ends mid-thigh. The skirt of the dress is blue velvet with rose red lace on top. The skirt has a double-welt zipper in the back. The blue velvet over-skirt has a red lace waistband. The green dress on the right has a scalloped neckline with red lace short sleeves and a stretchy waistband. The green dress on the right has a deep-v neckline and a gathered bodice. The dress is backless and has an invisible zipper. The dress on the far right is two pieces. The top has a cut-out in the bodice that is filled with yellow lace and the skirt has a stretchy waistband and yellow lace panels on the sides.


Photography: Katelyn Otto

Model: Madyssen Hrlevich

Email: kotto16@dashonline.org

Instagram: @km_otto15

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Katelyn Otto

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